Workforce Management

Altus uses smart workforce management to ensure customers receive the right people with the right equipment to the right location - on time.

Our scheduling application has built in features that allow us to match resources to project need, including staff competencies, qualifications, licenses, certifications and locations along with the vehicles and equipment necessary for implementing the traffic management.

In this way, we ensure that staff and equipment are appropriately suited to the work and that delays do not occur through poor planning or oversight.

Importantly, our scheduling application includes a number of safety alerts that help us to manage fatigue risks in accordance with company policy, as well as the expiration and need for renewals of qualifications, certifications and licenses.

The metrics available from the system allow us to undertake detailed business analysis of scheduling, with a view to identifying opportunities for continuous improvement to safety and performance.

We measure the quality of service received by customers using the Net Promoter Score system with 9 out of 10 customers currently indicating that they would recommend Altus to another organization.